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      OS:  Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Digital Editions

      Browser:  Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, and Opera (verified settings), Windows Firewall OFF


      The above error occurs when trying to download only SOME of the samples on the Adobe sample page.  The only two books that sometimes work are "The Geography of Bliss and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".  None of the others seem to work.  When attempting to download some books from the library, the error occurred the first time, but on the second attempt it succeeded. I've tried with both wireless AND wired connections.


      I have another machine at home running an almost identical configuration and this error never occurs (using Opera).


      Is there ANY information or log files, or configuration files that I can check to identify the source of this error?  This is most frustrating, as we just bought an eReader and I spent all last night trying to figure out this seemingly simple software problem.


      Any insight would be helpful.