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    customTag problem

    SamMagic Level 1
      hello .

      I must generate dynamically packages in .cab file and I found on adobe's EXCHANGE section, a CFX_LIVECAB customtag to generate cab files dynamically .

      The problem it is that I am not able to make it work.
      I have to decompress the files on C:\CFusion\CustomTags. here the list of the files which exist:

      unins000 (Application)
      auth (conf)
      unins000 (dat file)
      ShellRestartCF (dos file)
      CFX_LC_Help (html compiled)
      cfx_livecab.lic (lic file)
      CFX_LiveCAB (shortcut to owner website doesn't work anymore)

      The problem is that there are no files livecab.cfm as you can note it. Is this normal?
      There is a file auth.conf in which it simply wrote there: useful C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ if one wants to install the customtag on a shared server according to what is written.

      When I test the tag on a page here what it posts:

      Error processing CFX custom tag "CFX_LiveCAB".
      The CFX custom tag "CFX_LiveCAB" was not found in the custom tag database. Please be sure to add custom tags to the database before using them. If you have added your tag to the database then you should check the spelling of the tag within your template to insure that it matches the database entry.

      The site of the developer does not exist any more. Can you indicate to me if it misses something? must I modify the file auth.conf? must I make a copy of this file in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite\?

      thank you for your assistance