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    How to check the words of next characters  is Capital Leter or not its Urgent!

    csm_phil Level 4

      Hi Developers,


      I have one question and help.


      This is my input text


      W.1.7 Participate in shared research

      Sesearch to Build and Present Knowledge

      W.1.6 with guidance and support



      Change to this:

      W.1.6-with guidance and support


      I mean W.1.6(enspace insert)with guidance and support. And check next word of characters is CAPS then insert enspace otherwise leave as it is.

      this is mycode:

      var mySel = app.selection[0];
      myFirst = mySel.words[0];
      //alert(mySel.words[1].characters[0].capitalization == Capitalization.ALL_CAPS);


      if(mySel.words[1].characters[0].changecase == ChangecaseMode.UPPERCASE){
          mySel.words[1].insertionPoints[0].contents= SpecialCharacters.EN_SPACE;