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    Robohelp 2002 Please Help

      I'm working at a company where I inherited this Robohelp 2002 program and responsibility for some content on our intranet. I really need some help because I'm a total NOOB! No one around here can find a manual for the software, and everything I've done so far has been by trial and error.

      I can make changes to existing documents and those changes will show up fine when I generate and publish webhelp. However, if I make a completely new document (or book or topic) the new content will NOT generate or publish to our intranet (even though it shows up in Robohelp).

      I really need to get this figured out because I'm getting a LOT of heat about not being able to update this dinosaur content.

      Thanks a million for any help!
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          Are you running from the RoboEngine? If not, you have to generate your new content and republish the files back to to your internet location. Hope this helps.
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            Thorntons_Video Level 1
            I'm not sure about a "Robohelp Engine". I open the program and project, make changes as needed then I generate the webhelp to a folder on my desktop machine. When it has finished generating the webhelp it asks if I want to publish the files. I then publish them to the appropriate folder on our company's internal network.

            When I do this, only the changes I've made to old documents show up. If I create anything new at all, those new documents or topics don't show up. I'm guessing this is just some simple operator error or some checkbox I'm not selecting, but it sure is frustrating me AND my employer.


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              lmarden Level 2
              As I read your reply, I had one need for clarification. When you say new topics don't show up - where and how are you looking for them? If you are looking on the Table of Contents, new topics do not appear automatically on the TOC - you have to add them.
              Are they not found when you do a search by keyword? That would be a more interesting issue - I might look at build tag expressions to see if you are excluding new topics.

              Give us more info!!!
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                Thorntons_Video Level 1
                I just tried creating a new "Book" (called test book) in the area where the already existing "books" are. Within that "Book" I created a new Topic called test topic. I saved all. When I Generated and Published the project, none of the new things I created were there. I'm completely sure this is operator error, but I don't know what else to do.

                Thanks for your interest and help!

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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  Hi Chip. When you come to compile, do you have a "Republish All" option? RH2002 is an old version so it may not have it. If it does, use it. It may also be checking the location of the published output to ensure you are publishing to the right location.