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    NavigatorContent's actual content


      Hello everyone!


      Now it's strange to me, but i can not get access to an actual content of the ViewStack item. Here's the code:


            <mx:ViewStack id="myViewStack" >                  
                  <s:NavigatorContent id="businessNavigator" >
                      <business:BusinessOperator id="businessOperator" />


      How can i access the component called businessOperator ?


      I tried adding event listener to a viewStack:


                  <mx:ViewStack id="myViewStack"  change="myViewStack_changeHandler(event)" >.....


      And then:


                  protected function myViewStack_changeHandler(event:IndexChangedEvent):void

                          var currentOperator = event.relatedObject;



      But this only leads me to the businessNavigator, not to it's content.


      Tried to access businessNavigator.getChildAt(0), but it is only the Skin instance...