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    Resize Browser on Panini

    maczounds Level 1

      This method works well with left, right, top left, ..... but when you try to center an object, or distorts or does not really fixed as central when expands the browser or usea fullscreen. is a bug?

      thanks in advance


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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Mike,


          If you want an object to stay centered, and not change size as the browser window is resized, use a center constraint instead of left/right or top/bottom.


          To apple a center constraint in Panini: right-click the circular constraint handle and choose "center" from the context menu.  You should then see constraint lines appear on both sides, with little "spring" sections drawn in the middle of the line (indicating that the length of the line will vary as the app is resized).


          - Peter

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            maczounds Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Thank you, it was what I expected to learn. once again thanks for the tip. I am very happy with this news in the catalyst. even now, when the final version comes out?