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    Locating CMS Files


      I'm testing Dreamweaver CS5 in order to edit a Joomla website.  I have it up and working using a WAMP as a local server.  Cool to be able to see the site in Dreamweaver, but I'm having one big problem...finding the files to edit.  I'm rather confused.


      When I click on something in the design view and then open "Live Code" I see the code that I want to edit...but Live Code is read only.  (WHY?)  So I need to find the page that I'm seeing in Live Code, but I dno't see any reference that shows me what page has been open in the Live Code view.  I've using the "Code Navigator," but the code that is coming up in Live View doesn't seem to be one of the docs that are being listed in the Code Navigator window.


      Is there some trick to finding out what document is being shown in the Live Code window and opening it quickly?  Why can't I just edit in the Live Code window?


      Thanks in advance...



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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The live code feature is working exactly as intended.  The difference between Live Code and Source code is that in source code you see pre-processing scripts such as PHP and ASP whereas in Live Code you see the final rendered HTML.  So you cannot edit Live Code because some of it may be processed by a script prior to the page loading.  Additionally the data being rendered could be from a database, thus you would need to edit something in the database vs something you edit in DW.


          DW will show you the related files in code/design view and that is how you will be able to edit related files.  If you are editing items from a database you should consult the Joomla support because they will have better insight than users here with regards to the database setup and other workings within the application.

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            cdeatherage Level 3

            I think you have to log into Joomla with an administrator's privileges in order to edit the files on the site (change templates, add extensions, etc.)