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    behold! the GIANT image problem! (12,300 x 8,100 pixels)

    vertex_shader Level 1

      i need to create an image 12,300 x 8,100 px in size (41" x 27" poster size)


      i have 25 "smaller" images (2460 x 1620) that need to be positioned in a 5x5 grid.


      still with me? obviously, i could do this in photoshop, but i'd like to automate the process in actionscript.


      however, i don't think it's possible, especially with the bitmap limitations listed here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/496/cpsid_49662.html#info


      any ideas?

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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          12,300 x 8,100 !


          12,000 pixels in height

          x  8,100 pixels in width

          x  ( 4 alpha + 4 red + 4 green + 4 blue ) bits

          /  8 bytes/bits

          / 1,000,000 bytes/MB


          398.52 MB


          Flex can't render an image that big, I'm sure you are aware of that. The only way I know to get around the size limitation is to used some kind of tiling pattern similar to what is used in Java ( it's been a few years for me though ).  Even then, you would have to take into account the network transfer ( if it is over the network ), and you would have to handle making sure the images are set to null to allow them to be garbage collected.


          If this is an air app, you could probably do the tiling without as much work, since the network overhead wouldn't be an issue.