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    Speeding up datagroup display

    Nielzz Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a complex dataGroup with about 20 items that takes a long time to put on the screen ( up to 10 seconds ). I've tried virtualization, which speeds up the initial display, but in turn really slows down the scrolling. ( with virtualization, scrolling down the first time is a real pain, after having scrolled up and down once, all goes smooth)


      Now, what are some ways to speed up the datagrid? Or at least make for a smoother user expierence? I was thinking about adding a timer and only adding 1 item to the dataprovider every 100 ms or so. But before I do something hackish like that, I would love to hear some ideas on speeding up my little datagrid issue.


      Also, would using a List instead of a DataGroup speed things up?


      Any advise would be much appreciated.