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    Any Help is appreciated - developing a large color set


      Hey Guys,

      I'm working on a chinese themed project, and need to develop a large colour set (hopefully using Kuler). Does anyone have any ideas how to develop a large harmonious color set that includes blue, indigo, forest green, mint green, orange, yellow, pink, red, and purple? (+ variations)  With the maximum swatches at 5, how would someone go about using the tool to develop a large set with color relationships? If Kuler is not the tool to use, any alternate options in approach is cool. Thanks, in advance for any suggestions,


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          RichaFrost Level 1

          Hey Guy,


          I don't use CS5 yet, but using Adobe, I would suggest, you split up your color sets (as you named earlier) and make arrangements between pairs of your named colors. With smart tagging you can, in Kuler, get some overall Idea of your sets all together, by clicking on your tags. You can then gathers these sets in Illustrator and save them as larger color tables. In Illustrator there are a lot of possibilities (you know "world colors"?) according changing colors, swatches and swatch sets allready applied or to be applied to artwork.






          One can also view downloaded and other colorswatches in Bridge.

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            Thanks for taking the time to respond, much appreciated. When you are saying "make arrangements between pairs of your named colors" what would the relationship be based on? Like the complimentary of a particular shade of blue is a particular shade of orange (if it is not a straight primary blue, and say a slightly more green blue) Is there a system to establish a relationship of an overall color set? I'm not sure if my logic is flawed, but can you start with a triad color set (say yellow green, blue purple, orange red) and derive a larger color set using the complimentarys of each of the triad colors? I do realize choosing color is to a certain degree a matter of taste, but there is also a science of color relationships (which to some degree Kuler is using to build color relationships). Thanks for any additional feedback. Cheers,


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              Colors are perceptual and science has to adapt to that somehow always. Colors also are perceived relative to each other. When you apply the themes to your artwork (animation, web, digital painting whatever) you probably will adjust some of the colors in your themes to get the feel you want to achieve. When you found a perfect gradient and you slide the theme following this rule to another gradient (you can do this in Illustrator, watch help vids on adobe tv (swatches colorwheel etc.), but listen and watch carefull) it might not be perfect anymore and you might want to adjust a little to your taste and liking. Most of better kuler color mixers take a very practical approach and try and adapt their themes untill they think it's right.


              In the link section of the Kuler site there is to be found info about color schemes and derriving them.

              There is a discussion on this forum about changing the colorwheel system in favour of another one.

              Wikipedia has to offer about colors and also offers links.

              There are brother and sister programs of Kuler which are also mentioned on this forum.


              Of coarse it is always best to know as much as possible and you already know a lot about what you are doing. I stopped wanting it a little for a while and I am now learning from doing and by thinking about what others did.


              So... someone to tell this chap some more about approaches and software?