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    Creating visible buttons with graphics

    wefollow Level 1

      After created the button with graphics.

      On Button Layer...UP show circle, OVER show blank,DOWN show square, HIT show black circle.


      Can you tell me it is OK because after I add layer for ActionScript still getting errors.

      I want to make sure i did right up to this point.


      many thanks to you guys who helping others

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you do inside the button as far as graphics go has no bearing on code issues.    The HIT frame only specifies the clickable area for the button, it is not a frame that appears at any time.  It is usually used if the clickable area needs to be different than the up/over/down areas.


          If you are getting errors, you should copy/paste the errors in your posting and show the code that is related to them.