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    PE9: Extra editing-presets and encoding presets v1.00


      Release v1.00 : 10/30/2010


      This package contains extra presets for Adobe Premiere Elements 9 (PE9).  Key features are the following:


          (a) burn BluRay Discs with native 1080p24 video (instead of 1080i30 video)


          (b) burn DVDs with improved audio-quality (Dolby 2.0 @ 448Kbps, instead of 192Kbps)


          (c) edit 1080p timelines with 5.1 audiotracks (instead of stereo)
              (eg. 1440x1080 p24/25/30, 1920x1080 p24/25/30, 1920x1080 p50/60, and 1280x720 p50/60)


      Note, this package has only been tested on the Windows version.