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    Weird glitches after rendering


      Dear people,


      I did recently huge (for me) step from PRE 3.0 to PRE 8.0 (I hadn't know, there were 9 Version). Anyway, I had in my first video some weird artefacts after rendering my video, and I don't know, how to fix them. (With 3.0 I hadn't such problems, even if I used it already ca. 3 years for many similiar projects).


      You can see this glitch between 0:59-1:10 of my video in the upper right corner.



      I tried it with various configurations, but it had always just various glitches. The youtube video was directly uploaded from PRE, and its quality is much more better than the glitch-full videos I exported as files. Do I do something wrong?


      To my PRE project: it contains a video and many animated text layers. In the PRE preview, before rendering, everything looks good, but the rendering disappoints me :-)


      Actually I wanted submit my video to some art video galleries, but I cannot since it's still a little bit buggy.


      I would highly appreciate any help!

      Thank you, people, in advance,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What kind of camcorder did your video come from and how did you get it into your computer?


          When you created your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select?

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            Merzmensch7 Level 1

            Well, perhaps this was one of some differences to my previous videos: I usually use my Sony camcorder, but this time I used my digicam Ricoh K8. The video to this camera is fully incompatible with PRE (even if it's an AVI - I worked with another cameras before, but only with Ricoh K8 I discover incompatibility to just every video cut software), so I converted it through VirtualDub (using also MSU Cartonizer for special effects). As far as I cam recall, I converted it with Helix YUV codec, which I often use, because PRE 3.0 hadn't compatibility problems before.


            About settings of the project, which details do you need exactly? I actually used the default settings. Here I did the screenshots of every part of Project settings:


            (Sorry, it's German version, I hope they haven't shuffled the settings) :-)


            I have a feeling, that the problem is not with video footage, but with some PRE settings, since you can see in the glitch both levels: video and text together. Perhaps rendering failure?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Your video project settings are correct, if you're using video from a miniDV camcorder.


              Since you're not, it's more likely a glitch that crept in during your conversion.


              I'm not sure how fixable it is. If it's what I think you're indicating, it only appears for a second or two and is hardly noticeable.

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                Merzmensch7 Level 1

                Thank you, perhaps it's really problem of conversion. I usually don't use my digital camera for videos, just it was only camera I had that time...

                Actually, the converted footage (pre-PRE) doesn't have this glitch, only the rendered one with PRE...


                Perhaps I have to avoid this camera for video recordings and postproduction with PRE...


                Thank you anyway :-)