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    Matchmove question


      Hi guys,


           I am new to this, so here goes:


      I have keyed out and used sythneyes to track the foreground greenscreen plate.  The camera trackers I imported into after effects and the camera is the bottom layer.  What am I missing to have the background plate follow the pan / zoom of the foreground greenscreen plate?  Once again, the order of the layers are:


      Camera tracks on the bottom layer.  Foreground greenscreen plate on the middle layer.  The background plate on the top layer.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks for everyone's help.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If it's a proper 3D matchmove, turning the BG layer into a 3D layer should be all you need.



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            j-friedrich Level 1



                 Sorry, got my layers mixed up.  Still no matchmove.


            Bottom layer is camera trackers.

            Middle layer is background.

            Top layer is greenscreen keyed out to overlay on the background.


            Made sure all the layers were 3D.





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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I don't follow. All you need is the solved camera and tif that has been done correctly, you only add your 3D background elements to the resulting comp wherever you want them to appear, but leave the keyed layer 2D or a 3D layer in a fixed position relative to the camera. Nothing complicated about that. I suppose you are more having problems with producing a workable track in the first place, but that is more a matter between you and SynthEyes...