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    Problems making an image map with buttons




      I want to make an image map with rollover effects, so have been trying to use buttons to do this. I've put the Fireworks-generated Javascript into the head of a test html page, and uploaded it to my website along with the gifs for the slices.


      When the webpage and the gifs are all in the same folder, it works fine:




      There's only one button there, an orangey-red square in the middle which turns yellow on rollover. It's easy to see if you click on the tab entitled 'OS 1840'. Finished map tiles will have been one and 25 such buttons each.


      However, when the gifs for the slices are stored in a sub-folder, the buttons don't work:




      I have changed the image src for each gif to the correct absolute path. Why isn't it working please? (Because of how the site functions, I will eventually have to put all the gifs into sub-folders - they can't be in the same folders as the webpages.)


      Any help would really be appreciated.