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    Which Preset with .AVI files coverted from other sources - PrE 7

    bvcoen Level 1

      Sorry, but I am new and a bit confused with some of the setup options. 

      I purchased Steve's Premier Elements 7 book, and read it (It is great BTW)  But, still have a few questions to get started on my project.

      From Steve's book I understand I am better off converting my Panasonic .MTS files to .AVI (In fact, I am converting all of my sources to .AVI ).  So my questions are:

      1) I am using AVS Video Converter 7.0 to convert all of my sources to AVI.  AVS offers several AVI profile's. Does it matter which one I use?  I want to use the AVI profile called

      HD Video 1080P: H.264/AVC, 4200 kbps; Audio: MP3, 256 kbps   This keeps the 1080 and the widescreen...

      then use the same profile for the non-wide screen (except use the advance options to have it capture 720 x 540 instead of 1920 x 1080)

      The other AVS profiles listed for .AVI are: (Of course, I am confused why there are MPEG-4 in an AVI, but they all save as .AVI's)

      AVS AVI options.jpg

      2)  So, then what preset do I use?  Since these are all .AVI on my harddrive, I am confused with all of the choices.


      I am considering NTSC-HDV-HDV 1080i 30, but AVCHD, DV, HARD DISK and HDV all offer options that appear to work.






      Some details on my PC

      Intel based  I-7 930 quad 2.8 GHZ
      MSI X58-M i7 mother board
      6 GB DDR3
      ATI HD4890 Video Card with 1 GB ram
      500GB HD (I will add a second soon)
      Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty sound card
      Windows 7 pro 64 bit
      Pre 7 and CS4 are loaded on the PC


      Some I am capturing from old VHS
      Some from 8mm coverted to DVD (VOB's) converted to AVI
      a couple of FLV converted to AVI
      MTS files from my panasonic HDC-HS100 video camera.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for supporting the book, Brad!


          I can't speak for the AVS Converter. It's not one of my favorites.


          But which converter to use and which settings to use depends on what types of files you're starting from. (It appears you're starting with a pretty good variety!).


          The FAQs to the right of htis forum detail which settings to use to convert certain files:



          But it's hard to exactly which you should be using. Can you be more specific about the device you're using the capture your VHS with? As you probably know from the book, I recommend exclusively DV bridges (like the ADS Pyro AV Link and the Canopus ADVC) for capturing analog video. Many of the lower end devices (like the Dazzle or the Plextor) or more trouble than they're worth.


          I'm also not sure of the value of converting your 8mm (Is this 8mm tape or film) to DVD, then to AVI. Can't you use the same DV bridge to capture your VHS and your 8mm? At least then we're only dealing with one format.


          Likewise, where did you get the FLV files from? It may be easier to work with the original video, if it came from a camcorder. If you downloaded it from online -- well, then we've got other issues to deal with.


          On the other hand, your Panasonic HS-100 is an AVCHD camcorder, and you can use this video directly in Premiere Elements (if you open a project with the AVCHD 1920x1080 project setting). And, if you'd like to combine this video with any of the other video sources, you can output it from this project as an AVI using Share/Computer/AVI using the DV settings.


          You can then combine all of this video -- once we've converted it all to DV-AVIs -- in one big, happy project!


          The challenge, though, is figuring out how to get your many sources into the same format!

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            bvcoen Level 1

            Thanks Steve...


            I have ordered the ADS Pyro AV Link.  So, that is how I will capture the VHS.  I was capturing the DVD's from the DVD player on my PC via AVS, and AVS was converting it to AVI.  Are you saying I should capture the DVD's through ADS Pyro AV Link when I get it?  And...  I guess I am learning that not all .AVI files are the same...


            I realize that I can capture the Panasonic .MTS files directly in PrE 7...  However, that was the subject of my previous post.  When I capture them, I have no sound.  I have sound in Windows media player but not PrE 7.  This is why I got AVS Converter.


            So, I bought your book to get a bettter start on my project...  and it is helping


            The 8mm film were old movies I found in my grandfathers closet.  I took them to COSTCO and had them converted to DVD's


            The FLV's are just a few seconds of video I downloaded from the internet...  I could live without these, but they would be nice to be able to use.


            (note: My project will be, roughly,  65% from my panasonic, 25% from DVD's, 7% VHS, and 3% FLV's)



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I would recommend capturing your VHS, DVD and 8mm video with the ADS Pyro and I would recommend downloading he AVCHD files with Premiere Elements and outputting an AVI from there so that you can combine all of the projects. (Make sure the project settings you've selected for AVCHD precisely match your camcorder -- and give the files a few minutes to conform before you try to edit them. You'll see the progress in the lower right corner of the program.)

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                bvcoen Level 1

                Thanks Steve...  I appreciate the help.


                One follow-up question.  Any reason I shouldn't capture my Panasonic .MTS files through the ADS Pyro AV Link?  That way all source files will be captured through ADS Pyro...  Then all I have to deal with is a few FLV files and I will just use a convertor to change them to AVI.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  It certainly wouldn't hurt, Brad. Then all of your video files will be in the same format!

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Not Steve and I don't use a Pyro... but...


                    I used to use a Dv500 digitizing card with a Sony 8mm tape camcorder, and the resulting video was as good as a VHS tape


                    I now use a Canon Vixia for AVCHD files in MTS format... which I convert to AVI using Premiere to then create a DVD


                    I do not KNOW if playing those AVCHD files from my camcorder into my digitizing card would produce "better" than regular AVI (in other words, I don't know the specifications of what the Dv500... or the Pyro... will do with an incoming signal) but I do know that the AVI files I create from AVCHD, with Premiere, have a much "richer" look on screen


                    I suggest you try both ways... and then compare the AVI files you create from the same MTS file to see if there is a difference


                    The Pyro may create an AVI that equals converting from MTS... but you need to determine that for yourself