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    Can we save information contained in the forms to database?

    tonyken777 Level 1


      I made a web form by Workbench and planed to use it to collect customers' feedback about effects of specific campaigns. And I wanted to collect the information into database, like MySQL.


      About data saving, It seems that Adobe separate it into two parts, one is by database and the other is by filesystem. I could find file entities which are saved as  .bin files in a specific folder in the server side, and the information of version-up hold in the database.


      And here is the point I need to confirm that is it possible to save the information which customers filled in the forms, such as name, birthday, telephone number, etc, into the database? (Not to save the whole form by a spcific file in the filesystem, but to save the information filled in the textboxes (fields) of the form to a database(MySQL) so that I could manage it by some spcific keys.)


      And then is it possible to code this as an application program by javascript?


      Two simple yes or no questions.


      best regards


      En Shoku

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          Hodmi Level 4

          When you say "I made a web form by Workbench" do you mean you created an HTML or PDF form using Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2 or  Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2?


          I'm really unclear as to what you mean by saving things to a .bin file as these are usually created from Adobe Flashbuilder 4 when you create an AIR application.  If your question is around using Flex or AIR to save data to a database, then you may have better luck getting an answer from the Flex forum at: http://forums.adobe.com/community/flex/flex_general_discussion

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            tonyken777 Level 1

            Hi, Hodmi


            Thanks for reading my unclear question and giving a kindly answer to it. I try to rewrite my question, and hope it would help to make it clear to understand.


            As a part of presentation for a corporate client, I am trying to make a demostration about how to easily create a simple workflow for online application by

            the Adobe Livecycle ES2.


            I have a sample PDF application form of the client and I import it to LiveCycle Workbench ES2 as a "background" and use LiveCycle Designer ES2 to add some contents, such as textbox, checkbox, calendar, etc, on the background. In practise, I have finished these. And then, I plan to upload this to the LiveCycle Workspace ES2 with a simple Approval-and-Rejection workflow and manage the form in LiveCycle Contentspace ES2 for version-up,etc.


            Here I have a problem is about the interrelationship of Contentspace and Workspace. For example, when I build a simple review workflow in Contentspace, a correspondent task will be created in the task list of Workspace. So I thought there is some automatic trasnpotation mechnism between them, and if I upload application from Workspace, the Contentspace side would also reflect it. Actually, my thought is not correct, I uploaded the application form to the Workspace by Workbench and confirmed the task appear in the task list, in the other hand, I couldn't find the form file in Contentspace.


            So I want to understand why?



            En Shoku

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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

              Workspace has really nothing to do with Content Space. The forms you add in Workbench are stored in the database and any changes you would make on the form within Workspace would also be stored in the database.


              Now on the other end, the Content Space team has created some integration points between Content Space and Process Management. They give you the ability to start an approval process from Content Space. What it really does is it passes the document you want to review into a LiveCycle process, which creates a task in Workspace. Workspace is not even aware that this is coming from Content Space. So this tight relationship is only one way.


              If you want to integrate with Content Space from your approval process (Workbench), you would need to use the Content Space service, which will allow you to add, remove (and more) documents in Content Space.


              I hope this clarify things a bit.



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                tonyken777 Level 1

                Hi, Jasmin.


                Thanks for your detailed explanation. I think I've got a deeper understanding about the interrelationship between Workspace and Contentspace.


                But I have another question betwen Workbench and Contentspace. I will bring it out in another question.


                Thanks for your help!


                En Shoku