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    Please Help - PDF File icon No longer working???


      Ok this may sound a bit wierd, but bare with me.  Ok so I just got a new laptop because my old one was going a little wonky..... long story short, it's gone.  So I was transfering some pdf files that I had backed up to an external drive onto my new system.  Both systems are running on Windows 7 Ultimate.  So in a folder I have a number of PDF's stored.  When I open the folder I see all the files, but they all look the same, they all have the default Adobe reader icon.  This is fine, but I would much rather have my old view back.  I used to open the folder and see all of the Covers of the books that are in the pdf's.  How can I get the covers to show as the file icon again as oposed to the Adobe file icon?  There has to be something that I'm missing.  Sorry to have rambled on. I look forward to hearing your sugestions.