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    [VB CS5] Add text to rectangle


      This does not work


      Set oImageRect = myDocument.Pages.Item(1).Rectangles.add
      oImageRect.GeometricBounds = Array(50,0,25,25)
      oImageRect.content="hi there"


      Because a rectangle is not a text frame.


      How to add text to it? I have read you need to convert the rectangles content type to text but i can't find the syntax.

      These don't work




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          Boble5 Level 1

          After digging around here i found a way to list the id number of the text content type.


          It is 192412773


          So this works and allows you to add text to a rectangle.


          Set oImageRect = myDocument.Pages.Item(1).Rectangles.add
          Set TextFrameg = myDocument.Pages.Item(1).TextFrames.add


          oImageRect.GeometricBounds = Array(50,0,25,25)


          rem this message box displays the content type of a text frame which is 1952412773

          rem sets the rectangle to that id
          oImageRect.ContentType= 1952412773

          oImageRect.contents="now i can add text"