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    Default web page setting for site

    Anwar Mahmood

      I've hoping someone can help me with something that's probably quite basic, but which I haven't found an answer to in either the online help or forums.

      When I create a new site, then create web pages, I prefer to use meaningful folder names and default file names. For example, a web site about software might have pages for getting started, frequently asked questions, and so on.

      I can do this in two ways;
      - use filenames such as gettingstarted.htm, faq.htm, and so on
      - using subfolders and the web server's default filename, such as gettingstarted\index.htm and faq\index.htm

      I prefer the second approach because
      - URLs look much neater
      - If a user chooses to remember an URL, they don't have to worry about the filename, only the folder name, which is usually easier to remember (compare http://mysite/faq/ with http://mysite/faq.htm, or http://mysite/faq.html, or http://mysite/faq.aspx - there are loads more permutations for the file name, making it less easy to remember.

      I know what the default file name is on the web server so it works fine when I upload stuff. However, when I want to preview the local copy, it doesn't work properly because I'm using a file-based working directory (not a web server) and the previews simply open the folders in a standard folder view.

      I'm sure there's a setting somewhere that says for a particular site, the default file name is "index.htm" (or whatever) so that I can preview correctly. It's not in the site settings.

      I'm not totally mad, am I?

      Kindest regards,