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    Is there a transfer form that can be filled out in Acrobat?


      The license transfer form is in PDF format, but I can't seem to be able to fill it

      out electronically?  I thought in an ideal world the seller would fill out the form in Acrobat and digitally sign in.  Then send me, the buyer the form

      , I fill out my part in Acrobat, digitally sign it, and then transfer the form to Adobe.


      That seems to preclude the digital signature process all together and forces a paper process?


      Is this the process?


      1.  print the form on paper

      2.  seller fills out, signs and then snail mails or scans and faxes to buyer

      3.  buyer fills out form by hand (with terrible handwriting), scans, and faxes to Adobe?


      Secondly, the form shows a place for a case number along side the seller and buyer.


      I spent 40 minutes online with support and got two answers to the last question.  First I was told the seller had to get a case number.  Then I asked why it had a place for case number alongside the buyer field, and then he or she said either one could.  I could never get across the concept of a digital form flow.  A totally wasted 40 minutes which is why I am here in hopes someone has figured out the questions between the steps in the process on the transfer page?