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    Database Accessor >> JAVA?

      Pardon my ignorance. I've been playing w/the new Flex 3 Beta.... I'm very happy w/the most recent improvements
      One thing that I really think adobe underestimated was the Database Accessor wizard..... I can't find any docs, tutorials, or napkin drawings to tell me in more details how cool and great it is......... perhaps is my lack of flex hardcore experience.... but how do other people connect to MySQL from a Tomcat server without using Remoting, or the LiveCycle thing? I mean, can Flex output JSP code as well as wut the wizard outputs PHP? or is there any other magical way of doing this {The "on-a-budget(free)"} way without buying the liveCycle thing, or going Remoting?

      I'm trying to migrate an old Flash mx 2004 app that uses OPENAMF onto Flex, unfortunately buying the livecycle thing is out of the question, and as a bonus......OPENAMF doesn't support AMF3, and apparently no one has updated their site since Colombus discovery.... Sooo, my only choices are some sort of open source solution......it needs to be simple and fast.
      I know about webservices, and xml, etc. ......but I was just trying to minimize the transitions by not having to re-write all of our Java classes.
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          Hi, have you seen our beta tutorial for the Data Wizard?
          http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_3:Feature_Introductions#Introductory_Data_Wizard s

          You absolutely can use the wizard to connect to MySQL on a Tomcat server without LCDS. Just select the "XML over HTTP" option in the wizard. (The "LCDS" tutorial shows this -- it picks the LCDS option but it also shows the place where you can select XML over HTTP instead.) The wizard will generate a Java servlet. It doesn't generate JSP code, but that's not really applicable here since it can generate the underlying servlet directly.

          So, this means you'll be using a different way of encoding the data over the wire (XML instead of AMF/remoting as your old app did), but the wizard generates code for handling the encoding/decoding of your application and server data into XML, so it shouldn't make much difference to your app.

          Hope that helps,.