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    Announcing gwt4air 1.0

    Ek24ambi Level 1

      Hello community,

      It s been a long way but i m proud to annouce the release of Gwt4Air 1.0

      Gwt4Air will give you the the ability to write html css javascript based air app using the  java and the google web toolkit.

      You can download the jar here http://code.google.com/p/gwt4air/.

      The first release is compatible with gxt 2.2, gwt 2.0 and adobe air 2. It includes the following features:


      1) Access to the core AIR APi from GWT, you basically can do anything you would do in actionscript or javascript.

      2) An adapter to make EXT-GWT(GXT) work inside the air application sandbox

      3) A pdf module to read and write pdf files.

      4) A google maps module, so you can produce maps even when your web client is offline

      5) An adapter to male RPC and RequestBuilder calls possible with in  AIR.

      6) A sample app with source code that shows some examples. One of the example is how you can export an EXT-GWT chart to pdf using gwt4air.



      To get started you can check out the wiki page.


      I hope you guys are going to like this and provide some good feedbacks.

      For any question please feel free to contact me.


      best regards,






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          Ek24ambi Level 1

          Hello People,

          Gwt4Air 1.1 is out.


          this version  now supports GWT 2.1, GXT 2.2.1 and adobe AIR 2.5 and provides

          the following features among others:


          Bug fix in the NativeProcess API


          Bug Fix in the DisplayObeject API


          a new example showing how to communicate with a native process


          a SoundUtil class to easely handle sound. So you can do something like this


          File f = File.getDesltopDirectory().resolvePath("myMp3.mp3");




          Like always feedback are verry welcome.