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    How to pass XMLList to Webservices in flex

      Hi to all,
      I'm new to Flex. I want to pass multiple records to my SAP backend through Webservices, for that i have stored my records inside my XMLList then i try to pass this XMLList to educational Tag which resides inside my webserices
      when i pass XMLList, only one entry is been updated. but my XML List having multiple entries. how do i make it work????

      [Bindable] public var x1:XMLList=new XMLList();
      public function ADDEDU():void{



      for(var j:int=0;j<1;j++)
      //x=new XML();
      //Alert.show("Education XML"+x.toString());

      var x:XML =new XML(<item>
      Alert.show("Education XML"+x.toString());



      //x2=new XML(x1);
      Alert.show("Education XML X1"+x1.toString());

      this fun will call when ADD Record button clicks, & finally WES3.ZhrFunApplicantCreate.send(); is used this to send the data ...
      <mx:WebService id="WES3" destination="applicantws" useProxy="true" fault="Alert.show(event.fault.faultString) , 'Error'" >
      <mx:operation name="ZhrFunApplicantCreate" result="onResult2(event)" resultFormat="e4x" >
      { x2 }

      i don't know how to pass XMLList to webserice can anyone please bring me the solution ???????????

      thanks in advance.