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    Flash animation - premiere export issues

    Asaf 101010


      I am trying to find the best way to export animation from Flash CS4 in order to edit in Premiere CS4.

      I want the quality to be as good as an swf.


      I have tried exporting as bitmap sequences at 72 dpi and 720x576 32 bit/alpha , quality 100.


      In Premiere I have a project which is defined as Pal 720x576


      I have interpreted all my footage at 25fps and changed the pixel aspect ratio to d1/dv 1.0940 to match


      I export :

      Microsoft Avi

      Video codec - none

      720 x576

      Frame rate : 25

      Feild Tyoe : Lower (progressive makes things worse)

      Aspect:d1/dv 1.0940

      and\render at maximum depth


      My first shot is a zoom in that gets very blurry and not clean, the rest just loses quality


      This is for tv and internet - and I was asked to work in Pal 720x576


      I'd aprreciate some guidance - if there is a better way to export from both Flash and Premiere to improve quality I'd be very grateful.