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    .Net and Flex 2

    Linus75 Level 1

      I've got a .swf file generated by Flex 2.01 on my computer. This file used an HttpService to lookup an xml file on server X.

      If in Internet explorer I go to D:\source\Test6\bin\Test6.swf. Everything works fine.
      If I go to http://localhost/source/Test6/bin/Test6.swf, I can see my application but I have no data. Likes if HttpService didn't work.

      With an .aspx page from .Net 2.0
      If I use an Object tag with an embed src D:\source\Test6\bin\Test6.swf, I see nothing at all.
      If I import de .swf in my .Net project, I can see my Flex application but I have no data.

      Can someone explain me why this happen and how to solve it ?