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    How to get process instance id

    developwf Level 1


      We are invoking a long lived process from a client using Java API (EJB end point).

      We are getting the JobId in return. Is there a way to get the process instance Id through API.


      Searched a lot in the documentation. Finally inclining to query the table directly



      Appreciate a lot if any expert point us to an API way of doing the same

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/programLC/javadoc/index.html




          interface ProcessInstanceRow


          getProcessInstanceId() retrieves a unique identifier for the process instance



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            developwf Level 1

            Thanks Steve.

            How do we get the ProcessInstanceRow from JobId / Invocation id.


            We are looking to obtain the process isntance right after invoking a processw.

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              developwf Level 1

              We have tried to use the following approach to get process instance id right after invoking a process.

              - Define an OUT process variable to contain process id

              - A set value step right after invocation sets this out variable with process id variable value which is available by default

              - InvocationResponse.getOutputParameters() to read the output variable


              The problem is in the map returned by getOutputParameters() is not having our output variable , but just the JobId.


              Anyone tried this before? Are we missing sometiing?


              Any expert help is highly appreciated..

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                Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

                You get a job id because the process is long lived (asynchronous). So we return a job id because we don't know when it going to terminate (it could take days if you use a user service).


                You can use the Job Manager to check the status of your job. See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/programLC/javadoc/com/adobe/idp/jobmanager/servi ce/JobManager.html.


                The function getStatus will tell you if it's completed. When it'completed, you can use getResponse to get the value of the process variables.


                If you process is short lived, you'll get the result after you call since it's a synchronous call.



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                  Hi Jasmin,

                  Can you please answer my following questions for my understanding:

                  1. What is the difference between invocation id, job id and process id? What is the significance of each in a long lived process?

                  2. When should I use JobManager and TaskManager API?

                  3. If I just need a functionality where I keep track of the tasks assigned to different users in a process then what will be required..job id or process id?

                  4. Assume that I have a screen that shows me all the forms that are inputs to a process but are assigned to different users in the process which is long lived. So in other words, the screen will have two columns..column1: Form and column 2: Status

                  Column1 will show how many forms are currently floating in the process. And status will tell that whether the form is assigned to some user or is it done with the process. In this example which is called process instance or process id? And what is the job id in this scenario?



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                    sams1884 Level 1

                    We have a requirement which reads that " As one of a group of people who are submitting comments on a form, I want to see comments made on the form by others before I submit my comments".


                    I wonder if I can get TaskResultCollection info from the "Assign multiple Tasks" operation using xpath?


                    If I do JAVA API?? Can anybody offer some pointers?


                    Thanks a lot.


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                      Hi All,


                      Are you able to get retrieve the ProcessInstanceID from the processSearch(filter) method with the filter set to invocation id. I am doing something as below using the long lived invocation id


                      processSearchFilter.addCondition(ProcessSearchingConstants.pINVOCATION_ID, Operator.EQUALS, "16876887a102aca157d201e76c760f17");


                      I am not getting any results back, is this correct. any pointers please.