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    What can I try next?  Adobe Reader on Mac not working. Repair installation/"shut down running..."


      I am trying to fill out a form online which will not open and it says that I should install the latest version of Adobe Reader. 



      I have downloaded and tried to install Adobe Reader 9.4 on my Mac Book Pro.  (computer software including Safari have been updated)


      The form still does not appear on the screen, so I tried have been looking into what is wrong with Reader.  One issue is when I select "about Adobe Plug-Ins" it seems that most of them have not been loaded.  i.e. "Acrobat Accessibility"


      Not sure what to do so I selected to "Repair Adobe Reader Installation" and this is what comes up:



      "Select the optional components you would like to repair..."


      This is what comes up:


      "Adobe PDFViewer Safari Plugin View, fill-in and collaborate on Adobe PDFs within Safari"


      I select that and then this message appears:



      "Please shut down running applications

      Adobe Reader requires Safari to be closed before it can install or remove the selected components. If you are running Safari, please close the application and then click OK to install selected components or remove unselected components. You may also press Cancel to install the selected components at a later time."


      I have closed all running applications that I can think of and the message will not go away after I press "ok".


      What can I try next?