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    PFM font support using Embed?

      I'm having a number of issues with PFM support. Does anyone have experience with PFM support in FB2?

      Using the metadata tags to Embed(source="/path/to/font.pfm") doesn't seem to work except on TTF files. Switched to the Embed(local="name") method with no issue. I would like to use the Batik renderer if it gives me superior quality, but right now I'd just settle for something that just works. I haven't found any font examples using .PFM files which seems odd for an Adobe product. Is there a way to embed a .PFM file without using local?

      I'm using the font Whitney which comes in ~30 weights, but FB2 only recognizes one. For example I need to use Whitney-Medium, but the Font.enumerator class only lists "regular" as being available. Is there a way I can specify one specific weight of font to embed?

      The one Whitney-regular which is available appears with leading of about 40pt on 10pt text. How do I adjust the leading? tried "leading", the css attribute "line-height", and "vertical-gap". Nothing seems to work. (leading of a negative value does but breaks most things on the page)

      Thanks for any assistance!