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    Saving time with encoder.

    jimgreg Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I'm capturing a number of large AVI files which then need to be burnt to DVD. Currently I do some simple editing in PP then dynamic link to encore. Encore on my hardware then takes close to real time to produce my DVDs.



      So I am thinking I could save time by leaving encoder running over night?


      However, my initial experiment leaves me wondering if I am missing something....   Encoded avi to mpeg DVD . PAL progressive widescreen.



      Then I imported that file in to PP and dynamic linked to Encore, etc.   Ok things were a little quicker but only some 25%..... I had expected more.



      I'm probably asking a dumb question but any pointers received with thanks






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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You want to edit as AVI, not mpeg.  Keep the less compressed quality as long as possible.  Plus, your whole timeline may get retranscoded if edited in mpeg. Your overnight part will be when you transcode in Encore.

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            jimgreg Level 1

            I was hoping for a way of lining up a number of jobs over night.....   any one automated Encore  

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              Don't use Dynamic Link from Pr to En with already-transcoded MPEG2 files - they'll get re-transcoded.  Queue up your Pr sequences in the AME for overnight batch encoding.  Use MPEG2 DVD presets and tweak each as necessary.  That should prevent En from re-transcoding when they are imported into your En project(s).  It is Encore's re-transcoding of your dynamically-linked MPEG2 files that is causing the long build times.


              Building the DVDs in En should proceed quite quickly if the imported assets are DVD-legal.



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                jimgreg Level 1

                So match the AME setings to what I have been using in Encore then work with Encore and noy Dynamic Link... I'll give it a try... many thanks



                ****   Oh B*&^**GER, I need to adjust the duration of the AVI clips at some stage from 100% to 33.33%