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    Need assistance with buttons and frames.

      Hi there everyone,

      Right, where do I begin!!. Two or three weeks back I bought Macromedia Flash 8 so that I could create my own Interactive LCARS Star Trek Screens. I've been following all the tutorials that came with flash to the letter and I think I've been making some progress with learning the software.

      So yesterday I decided to have a go at my LCARS screen, everything was going well, all the animation has been done and it looks terrific running.

      But my problem is:-
      I can't get my menu button to go to a specific frame, I'm sure that I'm using the correct scripting, here is a sample of it:-

      continue_btn.onRelease = function(){

      previous_btn.onRelease = function(){

      There are currently three layers in my flash file, an animation layer, an actions layer and a guide layer.

      If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated!!.
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          S4Potential Level 1
          The code looks ok.

          Is the button instance exists in the same frame as the code? Any layer will do as long as it is in the same frame column.

          Is the button instance has the exact name? Beware, Flash is case sensisitve. MyButton is not the same as mybutton or myButton.

          Is there something in frame 70?

          Although it is not the problem, you should frame labels instead of frame numbers. When you insert or delete frames, the frame llabel doesn't change, unless you delete it, but the frame number after the insertion/deletion always change.

          Is your buttons are in a movieclip?

          What else can you tell us?
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            Captain_Elgy Level 1
            Thanks for replying S4Potential

            Here is the state of play,

            All my button instances have names and are the correct case in Actionscript. I have a new animation in frame 70 that I want to pop up once the Continue button is pressed. I haven't label any of my frames, I'll have to go back and try that!!. None of my buttons are in a movieclip.

            I think It is probably that the Actionscript isn't in the same frame as the actual button, I'm gonna go back and change it now!!, I'll let you know the outcome...
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              Captain_Elgy Level 1
              Yes!!... thats it!!

              Thanks for the advice S4Potential, the problem was that I didn't have my Action script in the same frame!!. Thank you very much for helping with this minor problem.


              Captain Elgy
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                S4Potential Level 1
                Two things about frame labels:

                1. Do not begin the name with a number: 1stLabel
                2. Do not use spaces in the name: my label

                If you follow those two simple rules you won't have any problems.

                About StarTrek, I didn't know there were Trekkers still hagning around. I thought they were all assimilated by the Borgs.

                I remeber seeing the very first episode. I was in grade 8. My friends and I were creazy about it. And yes, I'm that old :o)

                Enjoy you new life as a Flasher...