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    Color Management between AE and Pre Pro

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      I'm posting this in both the AE and Premiere Pro Forums


      I  was working on clip in Pr Pro, sent it over to AE to do some color  correcting.  Normally when I have the 2 programs open, one is on my  Apple Cinema Display monitor and the other is on my old HP monitor, so I  expect to see some color differences.  However, by chance I had both on  the apple monitor and noticed that there was a color/luminance  difference of the same exact clip on the different programs.


      Which Program is displaying the true colors???????? 


      Which program should I use to make my coloring decisions?


      Should it be the program that will be doing the final render once the project is complete??


      Is there a way to make the 2 programs uniform????


      Lastly,  if I choose a color management in AE project settings, should it be my  monitor, NONE, or what?  This color management issue is very confusing  with so many different choices.


      You guys (Adobe) need to simplify this.


      Thank You


      I'm using CS4 on a Mac OS 10.5.8.