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    Convert Autodesk Inventor files to interactive Flash (or something better)

      Looking for a way to do this...  OR, someone to help me complete this project:

      I have several Autodesk Inventor aseembly files that I want to post on my website as an interactive Flash (or whatever it may be) element.  I want users of our website to be able to pan around our product, zoom in, and completely interact with the assembly.  I have a few individual parts that I'd like to be movable as well. 

      Like this: 

      The link is an example of what I'm looking for.  However, this is in PDF format, and I'd like mine to live solely on the web.  (If they can be saved out as PDF as well, that is a bonus)

      In addition, I would like certain parts of the assembly to be able to be clicked on, and bring up a small informational window about that part of the assembly.


      Any help is much appreciated!!!!