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    Applying item renderer


      I've just picked up someone else's code halfway through a project and I am not a flex developer. The original developer has built a bunch of charts, and I have been asked to highlight a single column in a chart based on the data. There is a custom renderer .as file, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to implement it with the mxml and .as files. In the application's linked .as file the renderer has been imported, so I assume it's done within that file, but I don't know how or where, so i tried setting it as the itemRenderer property of the columnseries in the mxml I got an error saying:

      Initializer for 'itemRenderer': cannot parse value of type mx.core.IFactory from text 'asincludes/FeatureCountryRenderer.as'.

      Inside the renderer there is:

      an empty constructor,
      a getter method for the item
      a setter method for the item
      an override of an updateDisplayList method

      HELP!!! It was due last friday