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    Assistance Required in Duplicating Projects - RH8




      My team has been working with RoboHelp 8 and we have one huge project that we are updating, but would like to duplicate some pieces of the project (NOT the entire thing). Specifically, the existing project contains Books with up to 13 pages and we would like to 'copy' those into seven new separate projects.


      Up until now we have been importing each HTML file into the new project. Some files are grouped into books, which cannot be imported into new project. Is there an easier, faster way to copy or duplicate each "book" from one project to another, without doing each of them separately?


      As well, the documents we are dealing with have many links attached - some to other pages in RH, some to our server. Is importing or duplicating these topic pages and "books" detremental to the existing links, is there a risk of breaking the links altogether?


      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you!