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    Record video to local file: possible in AIR 2.5?

    Laurence Middleton

      Our shop is spec'ing an application that will include recording high-quality video on a user's workstation for later upload. We thought of building in Flex and distributing as an AIR application. Before now, my research tells me, one could capture microphone sound to a local file, but video has always required NetStream.publish() to a FMS server. The other way to go was using NativeProcess to communicate e.g. to FFMPeg -- there's a devnet article about just that here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/articles/air_screenrecording.html


      Neither of those scenarios is a good fit to our need.


      Question: does the AIR 2.5 release make it possible to record local Camera video to a local file?


      Thanks in advance,