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    Incorrect PDF scaling for web site jpeg files


      So, I'm not sure if anyone else find this frustrating. When working on a new web design either in Illustrator or Photoshop, etc. and then exporting those to a jpg file, then taking those and combining them into a PDF file using acrobat, I'm seeing the PDF files being about 25% larger than their actual 72dpi web-standard size. So when I pass along the PDF to clients for review, I always have to add a disclaimer that they should set their PDF reader to about 75% to see the actual size of the web site files. 100% is far too big. Any idea why the correctly-sized image files, when imported into Acrobat are increased in size?


      I've tried saving them as smaller files... I've tried the cropping feature... none of this seems to solve the problem. It's quite frustrating.