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    'code assist' not working


      Hello -


      I have a file in which the 'code assist' popup recently stopped working. The file contains no alert markers and the project compiles cleanly with no errors or related messages. The file is fairly large @ 6700 lines. Code assist appears to work properly in all other project files.


      What could be the problem?





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          gpjax Level 1

          Found the answer. Apparently, there's some syntax the compiler doesn't complain about but that the 'code assist' doesn't like.


          In my case, the following syntax broke 'code assist' such that it didn't pop up:


          (aDictionary[aInt] as SomeClass).aProperty = ....


          and fixed with:


          var someObj:SomeClass = aDictionary[aInt] as SomeClass;

          someObj.aProperty = ....


          The former syntax compiled fine with no complaints as does the latter but the latter stops 'code assist' working for some reason.

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            Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

            (array_expression as type).property should work. What version of Flash Builder are you using?


            Jason San Jose

            Software Engineer, Flex Mobile

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              gpjax Level 1

              FB ver


              I had to delete chunks of my code until I had isolated the offending code.


              Once I changed it, code assist worked fine. What baffles me is that I'm pretty sure I've used the same syntax in other files with no ill affect. Might be a combination of factors in my file. Don't really know.