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    Drawing on CartesianDataCanvas changes DropDownList

    Jim At Cardiome



      I've recently started using Flex for some dynamic graphics, and come across something that's confusing me, although that's probably my lack of understanding.


      I have created a minimal self-contained example to show what happens, although it's still fairly long - I assume there's some method for creating code blocks in these forums; if there are, could you let me know what it is, so I can include the code without swamping the post.


      The example itself contains two grouped sets of DropDownList and PlotChart. Selecting a new item in the DropDownList draws on a CartesianDataCanvas on the associated PlotChart. Sometimes (not always, you have to click through the two DropDownLists a few times to get it to happen, and it doesn't seem to happen consistently with the same sequence of changes) the text on the other DropDownList vanishes. Based on the larger application from which I've based this, it doesn't do anything else - the only thing that happens is the text goes blank.


      I am thoroughly confused, and hope someone can help out.