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    "No Topics Found" searching some topics

      Hi, I am running RoboHelp HTML X502 Build 801 in Windows 2000 am get the message "No Topics Found" when searching for some words. I have found the problem only seems to occur with a few words. An example is "AAE". Though "AAE" is listed in the index and properties show it is associated with a Topic. This Topic is not found when searching for AAE. I have removed and readded the entry but it has made no difference. Any ideas?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Aladdin1404 and welcome to our community

          You are talking about two different things that appear to be related, but probably aren't.

          You said that "AAE" is in your Index and linked to a topic. But you refer to search, which is a different animal. Search allows trawling through all the output files and finding occurrences of a specific term, while the Index may contain terms that really don't even have to exist in topics. Perhaps AAE refers to the "Add Another Entity" topic and is in the index only because users only ever refer to it this way. In this case, AAE would never be found using Search. Search also may not provide desired results. There are lists that govern what is excluded and whatnot. And I believe search uses a "stemming" mechanism. So some words may not even be found if you type them completely.

          On a personal note, I've always left Search alone, preferred and stressed use of the Index as the primary way to find things in help. I am aware that Google has changed the playing field for user expectations with Search. While it's good for the web, it's generally bad for help systems.

          Cheers... Rick