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    Much longer render time for a few small changes?

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      I bought a new Macbook pro last week with a 2.4 ghz intel i5 processor and 8 GB of ram. I got Adobe premiere pro yesterday and I made a video which combined taking footage shot from my flip video camera and audio commentary that I recorded across the full video. The video was rendered with the setting H.264 and the preset Youtube widescreen HD, the final video was about an 800 MB .mp4 file. It took about 30-40 minutes to render.


      Today, I added a 17 minute mp3 file for background music, which was 17 mb. I also added 6 images and 2 titles which overlay the video at different points. The only other thing I added along with these two was a 16 second mov file which serves as an intro video to my series. With these 3 (what I consider to be fairly small) changes, my render time has jumped dramatically. With the same export settings, I see the render time build and build until it reaches 4+ hours and I decide to stop. I've tried a couple different formats, but I'm not sure what else to do. I feel that 8gb should be plenty to render a video like this fairly quickly (like I did yesterday) and I'm not sure why it's taking so long compared to yesterday. Is this normal? Any help to guide me with reducing render times would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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          The Export time will differ by what one is Exporting from and what they are Exporting to. In this case, the "to" has not changed.


          What has changed?


          Well, the stills for one. What is the format and what are the pixel x pixel dimensions of those?


          The addition of the MOV is another place to look. What is the CODEC inside that MOV "wrapper?" Having to decode via the CODEC can impact the Export time.


          The new Audio has changed. What is the format/CODEC of that music file?


          Those are the first thoughts that I have on this, and good luck,