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      I'm using Flash Pro CS5 Win 7 to edit an existing FLA file, the text is suppose to be Arial Regular but it keeps changing to Arial MT. I've tried the embedded text option and selecting Arial Regular but again it keeps reverting back to Arial MT, driving me crazy.

      Can someone help me out here please.




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          Are you editing individual TextFields (clicking them and using the "Properties" panel) or just using the "Font Embedding" dialog? The only way it seems to work, for me at least, is to individually define the font on each TextField within the properties panel when they are selected, using the Font Embedding dialog from what I can tell will not update any textFields when you specify a new font.


          Out on a limb, other things you can try:

          • changing the TextField back and forth from TLFText to Classic to see if it makes a difference.
          • Check for latest Flash updates
          • Font mapping issue?


          Was the .fla created from a previous version of Flash?

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            gofer Level 1

            Hi Toddwashere, thanks for the reply and sorry I've been a bit slow replying.


            Yes, I'm editing individual test fields, trying both embedded and not, just can't get consistency.

            The .fla was created in CS4 where I'm using CS5.It is driving me crazy and the client is getting a little tetchy!!

            I tried your suggestions except font mapping, don't know how to check this.

            Thanks in advance



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              Toddwashere Level 1

              Try creating a new CS5 .fla poject, add a few text boxes with some text and set their embeded fonts to your desired font. If it stays on your desired font then you should try moving everything from your CS4 file to a BRAND NEW CS5 file. I have had weird stuff happen in the past where something in my .fla was corrupt or broken, especially when the file was from a previous version or even going between Mac OSX and Windows, when I made a new .fla and copied and pasted all my library items over to the new one it fixed whatever the issue was.


              Other things to consider:

              • If your client is not a designer or is not a master at identifying fonts you could also try using a similar font. The Arial Family is a pretty common one.
              • You could also try reinstalling / installing the fonts on your system, are you on Windows or Mac?
              • If the font mapping dialog does not come up when you first open the file then there probably isn't an issue with font mapping; however, if it does come up that means that you are missing fonts on your current computer and you will want to select the correct font substitues.
              • Normally you shouldn't give your .fla files away to strangers on the internet, but if you got super desparate I'd be willing to take a look at the file for you. Try the things mentioned above first though.
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                gofer Level 1

                Thanks very much for the suggestions Toddwashere. Tried changing the text to Arial MT non-embedded but I had to reduce the size from 14 to 12pts to get a similar appearance, still not satisfactory as far as my client is concerned I'm afraid!

                You kindly offered to have a look at for me, could you give a rough idea of cost?