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    AdvancedDataGrid itemRenderer refresh


      Here's the high level version of the question (hopefully this will help you decide whether to read the rest of the post, which is a bit long, or not):

      What is the most efficient (and proper) way to write an itemRenderer for a set of ADG columns that properly refreshes when an ADG variable pointing to a specific cell changes? The code below is how I've solved the problem, and seems to work, but I am concerned it may be too slow or simply too convoluted of a way to solve the problem.


      OK, if you've decided to read on: I'm using an itemRenderer that will color one cell of my ADG depending on some condition being met. The ADG keeps track of the cell to be colored differently using a column index (we'll assume that the cell has to belong to the row currently selected). I realize that I can turn on singleCell selection and accomplish something similar, but that won't work for me here.


      The itemRenderer code is here


      public class CellItemRenderer extends Label


           override protected function updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth:Number, unscaledHeight:Number):void


                       super.updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight);

                var g:Graphics = graphics;


                var grid1:AdvancedDataGridFB = MyAdvancedDataGrid(DataGridListData(listData).owner);


                var s:String = DataGridListData(listData).dataField;

                if (grid1.isColored(data, s))



                     g.drawRect(0, 0, unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight);







      function isColored checks whether the cell is the one that should have a different color by checking if it's in the selected row and it its column index == coloredCellColumn, and if so it returns true.


      public function isColored (data:Object, df:String):Boolean


           var retVal:Boolean = false;

           if (preSelectedState)


                if (isItemSelected(data))


                     var col:AdvancedDataGridColumn = columns[coloredCellColumn];


                     // get the associated dataField

                     var preselectedDataField:String = col.dataField;

                     if (preselectedDataField == df)


                          retVal = true;




           return retVal;




      The colored cell can move left / right using keys by listening to the keydown event on the ADG and moving coloredCellColumn left / right. This all seems to work fine. Except that every time the keys are used to move the cell left / right I need to call invalidateList() on the ADG for the itemRenderer to refresh and things seem a little slow, so I've been trying to understand whether the path I've taken here actually makes any sense or not. Here are my (newbie worthy) questions:


        1. why do I need to force an invalidate on the ADG? I sort of assumed that the index would be marked as a property of the ADG, and thus the invalidate / validate cycle would run its normal course, instead of waiting for me to refresh stuff.
        2. why does invalidateList seem to be the only command that does the trick? I've tried ValidateNow, invalidateDisplayList, invalidateProperties, and validateDisplayList but none of them seem to have any effect - reading the various documents on life cycle of a component I sort of assumed that they would. I read this post and Mike's answer scared me more than anything else - am I reloading all the data? that would seem super inefficient.
        3. Is there an obvious way to do this that is simple, fast, easy? Flex seems to have a lot of awesome ways to solve problems but I have a hard time finding out what they're called.


      Would love to hear any expert advice.


      thank you!