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    Deploying Adobe Reader & Flash Updates

    brg.newman Level 1

      I am currently looking for a  way to deploy non-Microsoft based product updates across our  organization. Some of the products I would like to be able to deploy  updates for include: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Adobe Shockwave.


      Presently, between our main office and our various branch offices we have:

      • 5 Servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
      • 1 Server running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
      • 1 Server running Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard
      • 20-30 Workstations running Windows Xp Professional SP3
      • 20-30 Workstations running Windows 7 Professional


      Sadly, our organization does not current have a license for SCCM, so I  most likely will be deploying updates via our GPOs or scripts.Also, our  users do not have admin rights or anything, so lately I've been having  to manually authorize each of their updates  when the product (Adobe for example) checks for updates.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers?