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    Braces in text (procedure) causes offset for preceding graphic.

    yenelli Level 1

      RH HTML 8.0.2


      Workflow: Creating procedures for using icons in the GUI--like those on this posting interface, the labels appear in tooltips, so writing proc as "Click the <icon.jpg> <href  link to a topic> [tooltip name of icon] </a> to add a table." as seen below:


      <?rh-list_start class="NumProc" ?><p class="Numlist">On the toolbar, click <img src="icon.jpg" style="border: none;"
            width="24" height="25" border="0" /> [<a href="About_Icon.htm">Palette</a>],  click the <span style="font-weight: bold;">Footnotes</span> tab, and then
      click <img src="newicon.jpg" style="border: none;" width="23" height="25"   border="0" /> [New Footnote].</p><?rh-list_end ?>


      In the published help, both icons are offset to the right into the the modifying tooltip word in braces...perhaps a function of the number of characters in between the braces.


      Also, I see "function(){return A.apply(null,[this].....concatenated arguments" in a tooltip popup when I'm typing this note...does RoboHelp require an escape key for straight braces?


      You can see the output in step 3 on http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/RBME/3_6/Tutorial_Mapping_a_Footnote.htm.  Is this a defect?