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    Display Service Pack and OS Name/Version in Flex Label

    Nitika_Ag Level 1



      I want to show my current system Operating system name (XP Pro, Vista,  Linux..etc) along with the Service Pack level of my system on which my  application is running.


      I am able to show uo OS name  "Windows XP" using "Capabalities.os" in Flex4.0. but not "Professional"  or "Pro" exactly. But I could not find an API for showing up the service  pack level.


      I have to display the content in a label. I  tried with Capabilities.cpuArchitecture and System.vmversion, but it  shows up some other system data.

      I want to show up Service pack version.


      It will be good if I do not have to use any external API for that, if flex itself can provide any such API for that.



      Please help.!!