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    Is it possible to do this with Flash...


      I have this little problem with my blog on MySpace and I'm curious to find out if I can solve it by creating

      a Flash header/game for my blog that will solve it.

      I experience routine cycles where on certain days I will get tons of hits, usually this is just before the night I go out to the club to have fun.  People never, ever comment on my blogs, nor do they subscribe, so I have no way to know who is viewing (spying on) me so regularly and diligently.  This is far beyond annoying.  I've also, in the past, encountered real life problems due to people slandering me from taking things I say way out of context, or simply because they are drama queens who get off on screwing with peoples' lives.

      Now what I want to do is basically take the pyramid with the all-seeing eye from the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, turn it into a big, colorful and interactive work of art with the eye looking around, blinking, staring at the user, emanating, IDK, rage or focus idealized while a marquee then scrolls along the bottom of it telling people that I'm watching those who watch me, or something like that, while in the background recording their friendIDs with a date and time stamp which will then get compiled and forwarded to me on say a weekly basis.

      This will give me peace of mind in knowing who's just browsing, who's friendly and who's doing this to try and hurt me, things I can figure out on my own by checking their profiles and determining whether I am familiar with them or not, and on what terms.

      What do you think, is something like this possible with Flash or would it take Java?