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    Multiple Scene Form Submission

      Here is the gist:

      I am creating a touchscreen application that start with a text field and text input (keyboard) which I have completed already. What I do not know how to do is this: the information (scene 1- name; scene 2- address, scene 3-email, scene 4- ability to go back to a previous and edit, review information; scene 5- submit and send information, creating a confirmation email, scene 6- thank you screen) needs to be retained throughout, and then recalled for the review scene (4), along with go back and edit function.

      1. How do you retain the input information?
      2. How do you recall the information for the review screen?
      3. Is there a specific code for the enter/go to next scene function?

      Th reason I need this info is my firm creates the asthetic portion of these applications, and I cannot find a scripter to complete this in a timely fashion, hense we are doing this ourselves.