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    OCX error


      Hi Guys,


      I was testing out some applications written in AS3 and it worked fine untill I encountered one app when I got the Flash10i.ocx error message. I uninstalled and re-installed the flash player and this time when I run the application I got the Flash10k.ocx error. Any idea what I should do to solve the problem? I am using IE 7 and Flash CS5 and my OS is Win XP professional. Thanks.

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          HI Guys...


          I am still figuring out what is causing the trouble. I am begining to suspect if there could be some sort of a memory leak caused by the coding that could be causing the trouble. I am trying to go through the code to see if there is any issue. Meantime I am posting the code here, if anyone is able to spot any issue with the coding do share with me. The code is from the book 'Learning Flash Media Server 3':

          deux.asc (This file will be in the applications folder of the Flash Media Server 3 folder)

          //Two-element array

          //Application first starts
          application.onAppStart = function()
          trace("The deux is out of the deck");
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          //A currentClient (user) attempts to connect
          application.onConnect = function(currentClient)
          //Reject connection if array is empty
          //(Two users are currently using application)
          if (vidStreams.length <= 0)

          //Store array element in currentClient property

          currentClient.streamSelect = function()
          trace("Stream "+currentClient.cliNow+" used");
          //Sent the property to Client object
          return currentClient.cliNow;

          application.onDisconnect = function(currentClient)
          //When currentClient leaves put the element back in array



          import flash.display.Sprite;
          import flash.display.MovieClip;
          import flash.events.NetStatusEvent;
          import flash.net.NetConnection;
          import flash.net.NetStream;
          import flash.media.Camera;
          import flash.media.Microphone;
          import flash.media.Video;
          import flash.net.Responder;

          public class Deux extends Sprite
            private var nc:NetConnection;
            private var good:Boolean;
            private var netOut:NetStream;
            private var netIn:NetStream;
            private var cam:Camera;
            private var mic:Microphone;
            private var responder:Responder;
            private var vidOut:Video;
            private var vidIn:Video;
            private var outStream:String;
            private var inStream:String;

            public function Deux ()

             var rtmpNow="rtmp://computername/deux";
             nc=new NetConnection;
             nc.connect (rtmpNow);
             nc.addEventListener (NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS,getStream);

            private function getStream (e:NetStatusEvent):void
             good=e.info.code == "NetConnection.Connect.Success";
             if (good)
              responder=new Responder(streamNow);
              nc.call ("streamSelect",responder);

            private function streamNow (streamSelect:String):void
             setCam ();
             setMic ();
             setVid ();

             switch (streamSelect)
              case "left" :
              case "right" :

             //Publish local video
             netOut=new NetStream(nc);
             netOut.attachAudio (mic);
             netOut.attachCamera (cam);
             vidOut.attachCamera (cam);
             netOut.publish (outStream, "live");

             //Play streamed video
             netIn=new NetStream(nc);
             vidIn.attachNetStream (netIn);
             netIn.play (inStream);

            private function setCam ():void
             cam.setMode (240,180,15);
             cam.setQuality (0,85);

            private function setMic ():void
             mic.setSilenceLevel (12,2000);

            private function setVid ():void
             vidOut=new Video(240,180);
             addChild (vidOut);
             vidIn=new Video(240,180);
             addChild (vidIn);


          and there will be a Deux.fla file that 'links' to the Deux.as file.


          I am using 2 computers, A and B to test this app. The FMS server also resides in computer A. The crash occurs in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Other technical info as follows:

          OS: Win XP Professional
          Browser: IE 7,Firefox 3.6.9, Google Chrome
          Media Server: FMS 3.5
          Web Server: Apachae Tomcat 7.0.4