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    help please - actionscript module problem


      Hi guys,

      I've been asked to take over an actionscript project from early (april) 2009 which seems to be a flex project.


      I only have Flash Builder 4 (and not great at Flex by any means).


      I have set it up (opened it) in FB4 but have a few issues.


      the main two are that is an *.as file which is set up as an actionscript module (in Projects/ActionScript Modules)

      the problem is that when I test or build the project it isn't re compiling this class swf.
      I've found that if I open the 'edit' option on the AS Modules tab for it that doesn't appear in the root of the src folder (where it is located physically)
      Inside FlashBuilder's package exporter file viewer the *.as files at the root of source are listed under 'default package'. rather than in the root or src, could this be why they don't appear? Could me not being able to browse to them be the reason it isn't compiling the new swf?


      Inside the module class, the AS class extends sprite, does it need to extend ModuleBase?

      This project used to compile fine under Flex3 apparently and is live so I'm assuming it's comething to do with being in FB4 instead.


      Any help welcome, driving me crazy being able to recomile this class as it embeds the graphics swf i've been updating


      regards, Rich

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          ModuleBase is only for modules to be loaded into Flex apps.  I'm not clear

          that this is a Flex app since that would require an .MXML file for the main

          app somewhere.


          It is possible they are using the term module more generically.


          It should be ok for the class to show up in the default package.  The Flash

          Builder forum folks may be more helpful.